Providing Law Enforcement Agencies with autism sensory kits and non-verbal communication cards that the officers can carry in their patrol units. Our autism sensory kits come with a nonverbal communication card and different sensory items that gives the officer that extra tool needed when they are responding to a call or an emergency situation regarding an individual with autism.

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Partnering with Local Autism Communities

We Are a 501 (c) (3)

Non-Profit Organization

EIN 81-3808722

that Provides Free Autism

Training & Free Autism Sensory Kits

to Law Enforcement and

1st Responders Nationwide

Our training classes for law enforcement agencies give an overview of the characteristics and possible behaviors of someone diagnosed with autism, what types of calls for service may be received, recognizing behavioral clues of autism, and tips for law enforcement officers on interacting with an individual that has autism. 

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A.L.E.R.T. also partners with the local autism communities to have individuals on the autism spectrum attend the first half of the training class so law enforcement officers attending can meet and interact with individuals that have autism and see and learn firsthand about the different characteristics and behaviors of autism.