Learn how our training classes are helping bridge the gap between the autism community and law enforcement

Providing Law Enforcement Agencies with autism sensory kits and non-verbal communication cards that the officers can carry in their patrol units. Our autism sensory kits come with a nonverbal communication card and different sensory items that gives the officer that extra tool needed when they are responding to a call or an emergency situation regarding an individual with autism

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A.L.E.R.T. also partners with the local autism communities to have individuals on the autism spectrum attend the first half of the training class so law enforcement officers attending can meet and interact with individuals that have autism and see firsthand the different characteristics and behaviors of autism. 

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Our purpose is to provide free autism training, education & autism sensory kits to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Autism training is vital to law enforcement agencies because individuals with autism have difficulties with communication and social interactions and will have a tendency to engage in repetitive or atypical behaviors that is why it is vital that law enforcement officers need to be aware that their typical approach when responding to a call or an emergency situation regarding an individual with autism may not work. With 1 in 68 individuals being diagnosed with autism in a year alone the number of interactions that individuals with autism will have with law enforcement agencies are going up. Every Officer will come into contact with an individual with autism at least once in his/her career and 7 out of 12 individuals with autism will have some sort of contact with law enforcement in their lifetime. Some individuals with autism are crime victims, some are suspects, but the majority of the individuals with autism that come to the attention of law enforcement officers have wandered away from their caregivers, often without any understanding of danger.

By law enforcement being aware of individuals with autism and knowing and understanding the different behaviors and characteristics of individuals with autism it helps ensure the safety of not only the person diagnosed with autism, but law enforcement on the scene as well.   We know that the law enforcement have to make split second decisions that is why recognizing and understanding autism is of vital importance.  

Our Trainer is a member of ILEETA and a former law enforcement officer that has the professional knowledge of the law enforcement field as well as having a child on the autism spectrum. 


Our training classes for law enforcement agencies give an overview of the characteristics and possible behaviors of someone diagnosed with autism, what types of calls for service may be received, recognizing behavioral clues of autism, and tips for law enforcement officers on interacting with an individual that has autism.  

Our nonprofit relies solely on donations and sponsors so we can continue to provide free autism training and autism sensory kits every law enforcement agency nationwide.

Contact us to learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating, fundraising, hosting events, campaigning, and involving your local law enforcement agency.

Partnering with Local Autism Communities

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Bridging the gap by providing free autism training, education and autism sensory kits to all Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the U.S.

We Are a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization EIN 81-3808722 that Provides Free Autism Training & Autism Sensory Kits to All Law Enforcement Agencies Throughout The U.S.

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